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Drama - LAMDA Tuition

LAMDA Tuition

LAMDA tuition gives students the opportunity to prepare for Acting examinations that run from Grades 1-8.

Not only is it a chance for students to improve their acting skill but it is also a good way of helping to develop confidence, communicating with others and presenting to a crowd. For this reason, LAMDA tuition is recommended to all, not just to those who are considering a future in the acting industry. 

Tuition for students in Year 7-9 will take place within Periods 1-5. Lessons will work on a rotation basis so that one student does not miss the same subject more than once in any Half Term. Tuition for students in Year 10-13 will take place on a Saturday morning, during a lunch break or within a free period. Students in the Prep School will be able to take up tuition as part of a club or within a number of limited lunchtime slots. 

The examinations can be completed either as an individual performing, a pair performing a duologue or within a group. There will be two examination sessions throughout the school year with the expectation that the majority of students will feel prepared enough to enter an exam after one term of rehearsal.

We are very proud of our 100% pass rate in LAMDA examinations and in recent years we have seen as many as 86% of students being awarded a Distinction in one exam session.