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Drama - Scholarships


Drama and Performing Arts Scholarships
All applicants for Drama and Performing Arts scholarships must have met the academic requirements of entry to the school.
Performing Arts Scholarships are offered to individuals with all-round talents spanning music, drama and dance. Our Drama Scholarships are offered to individuals who specialise in acting. 
Enrichment Programme
Scholars will be expected to be fully committed to and involved with productions and performance on a regular basis. Opportunities to direct will be available and there will be sessions of theatre workshops with highly acclaimed theatre practitioners.
LAMDA lessons are also available and candidates will be entered for examinations as appropriate.
There are a wide range of theatre trips and scholars will work closely with our Drama teachers in order to prepare for future auditions.
All scholars will have personalised mentoring and unique performance opportunities.
Expectations of Performing Arts and Drama Scholars
Scholars will be expected to perform regularly in productions and workshops. They should be enthusiastic, engaged and willing to experiment with new ideas, methods and genres across a range of music, drama and dance activities. Scholars must be willing to work hard, get involved and be flexible.
Required Standard 
Applications are invited from pupils who show excellent potential in their specialised area and have been involved with performance, clubs or societies in previous schools or externally. A natural enthusiasm and innate talent is essential. 

For more information on our Drama and Performing Arts Scholarships please contact the Registrar, Mrs Rachel Debenham, at