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Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Exhibition

Music Scholarships and Music Exhibitions are available at 11+ and 13+ through auditions and interviews held in January and February each year for entry the following September.

In addition, a Music Scholarship is available at 16+ and Choral Scholarships are available at 13+ and 16+.

The life of a music award holder at Wellington is a busy and full one, with an active contribution expected to the huge variety and quality of our music-making.

At 11+ the minimum requirement is Grade 3 for an Exhibition and Grade 4 for a Scholarship.

At 13+ the required grades are Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 and for a 16+ Scholarship Grade 7. For Choral Scholarships, prospective candidates should offer a good pass at either Grade 5 (13+) or 7 (16+), a portfolio of choral experience, or both.

For all awards, in addition to exam achievements, the Music department is also looking for musical potential, particularly on the first study instrument and an enthusiasm for music in general.

All award holders take part in the department’s mentoring scheme, which provides monitoring of their musical progress through termly tutorials, agreeing targets and creating an individual development plan. Award holders’ Concerts take place at the start and end of the academic year, as part of the students’ ongoing review process.

In addition, they play as leading role in our Concert Party programme, giving concerts in local churches, schools and residential homes.

Anyone interested in applying for Music or Choral Scholarships at Wellington will first be invited to attend an informal pre-audition assessment with the Director of Music.

This will involve the candidate performing a piece in a friendly, relaxed environment, along with an opportunity to meet members of staff, ask about the commitments and expectations of an award holder and chat about the format and content of the audition.

The Director of Music is always happy to meet and advise prospective candidates and parents. Please contact the Music Administrator to arrange a meeting, a tour of the Music School, or to receive further details.
Mrs Harriet Crocombe 01823 668856 or email