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School Charities


Outreach and giving are an important part of our school ethos. We seek to support one local, one national and one international charity each year.

We have two charities captains and a representative from each of the houses, who chose the charities for the year and then oversea a range of fund raising activities. Each house is responsible for some fund raising within the year. The students have staged cake stalls, colour runs, musical events, dinner dances, staff dodge ball tournaments rose sales, and quizzes all in the name of charity.

Each year the School chooses two charities that are the focal point of our fundraising efforts; one UK based charity and one overseas. We also participate in significant national events such as Comic Relief and disaster response (e.g. Somerset flooding).

We focus our fundraising efforts in order to build up really strong links between the school and a charity over the course of a year, enabling our children to learn more about how and where their fundraising is spent and also to prevent ‘charity fatigue’.

Every year the race is on to raise more money than the last. Our current School charities are BRACE, NSPCC and The International Refugee Trust.

Charity Events

  • Inner Wheel Charity Concert
  • Brainwave Charity Concert
  • Royal British Legion Poppy Concert
  • Nominated School Captain responsible for charities
  • Fund raising events held at School (eg Nepal Disaster / School in a box / Harvest collections taken to local food bank)
  • Charity committee run by School Captains
  • French Café run by Prep School to raise money for School charity
  • Trussler charity – donations of food to local food bank
  • NRAS donation – over £2000 by Prep School